Virtual Voices

Do I have a voice now that I blog? And what does it mean to have a “voice”, anyway?

It’s common to hear: “They don’t have a Voice! We are giving them a Voice! They had no Voice until now!”

I’m sure you’ve heard it. In social justice-speak, or just on the street.

These ideas about capital letter V “voice” assumes that some people are silent. They have no stories. They show no resistance.

– But they do. We just don’t hear.

What we hear is a small selection determined by the books we read and the writers behind them. How we hear, is also created.  It is determined by our ideas about what voice is. Are those who don’t speak using sounds disqualified from having a Voice?

I have my thoughts, I have my words and I have been speaking them forever. I have not gained a “voice” by blogging. I haven’t even earned an audience. However, I am learning how to communicate in a new way: I am learning how to create a virtual voice.

Is a virtual voice any different from “voice”? Do we speak more freely online because of anonymity? Or do we edit and re-edit since, after all, anyone can stumble on our blogs?!

As a newbie, I guess I’ll find out with experience…


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