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imagine a cookie that’s been through a nuclear meltdown

Finding myself with a sugar craving and a free evening, I decided tonight would be the night to try out that cookie recipe I had hastily copied from a book last week. The Nameless Cookbook (I didn’t jot down the title), touted the “best” easy and healthy recipes, and these cookies in particular looked de-lish.

Buried among pens, wrappers, a cell-phone charger and other debris, I found the paper I had written the recipe on at the bottom of my bag, and happily proceeded to make myself a bed-time treat. ┬áMy writing was a bit sloppy, so my concern was decoding what looked like “SuCanil”. I assumed it was some sort of sugar substitute – and my web search proved me correct: I substituted some brown sugar for what I now know is, Sucanat. I also decided to halve the recipe – primarily because I didn’t have a whole cup of butter in my fridge (although I did have half!), but also just in case.

Just in case I mess things up. Just in case the cookies turn out a bit like yesterday’s lemon squares: ultimately edible – but after and extra hour of fiddling, setting, and re-baking.

THERE IS ONE THING YOU HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT ME. I don’t follow recipes. It’s like there is no sensible switch in my brain that recognizes that disastrous path I’ve been down before. No full-out impending nuclear warfare, you-better-get-to-your-bunker, alarm. Oh, I have enough sense to worry and consider following a recipe exactly… but that alarm is no louder than my morning wake-up call. Just hit snooze. Because really, what’s wrong with just sleeping in a few more minutes?

So here I am, halving this lovely recipe when I stumble across one dilema: the recipe calls for 1 egg. How do you halve an egg? Use just the yolk? Scramble it first and pour in half? I decide that a full egg, as per the original recipe can’t be the end of there world, so I go ahead with it. The end product seems awfully watery. Blaming this on the egg, I consider what to do. More butter won’t help, would more sugar? More chocolate? I settle on tossing in some quick-cook oats to soak up the liquid and skor bits for good measure. I plop this goo onto parchment paper and stick it in the oven. Now to the happy task of licking the beaters.

MmmMMmm – EHCK! Whoa! Super buttery! This cookie is a heart attack wating to happen. Did they say this was supposed to be healthy? Good thing I didn’t buy the book…

And then it hits me. Why IS the main ingredient butter? Memories start running circles around my head as I throw the oven door open to rescue my cookies. Memories of why this recipe was healthy to begin with: the main ingredient is almond butter.


What I pulled out the oven was a pool of buttery goop. You think I would’ve wondered why a dessert would be made of butter (oh wait, deep fried butter balls…), but I didn’t. In all fairness, if you take a look at the recipe I scribbled down, I had abbreviated almond as “al” and had written it on top of the ingredient list. It was an honest mistake!


Not so quick to accept defeat I threw together another batch (er, halved – but with the full egg…and still with oats and skors bits).

FYI: The new batch came out tasting absolutely divine.


Lesson learned? Yes. Take the time to consider what your ingredients are, how they work together, and if it makes sense.

And more importantly: even mistakes are tasty.

I ended up eating the buttery goop with a spoon.


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